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12 Torsos. Plaster, cellulose paint, steel, wood.
560mm h x510mm w x 85mm d.

This piece came about through studying the plaster sculptures in the Cast Room at the Victoria and Albert Museum, under Eduardo Paolozzi’s guidance. As a tutor he took me on a visit to look at the Michelangelo’s there, and we also went to see some Rodin sculptures. He responded to my involvement with figurative sculpture, and he initiated my interest in the use and potential of moulds. He persuaded me to include the trace of the ‘making process,’ similar to the sculptures we had seen. In essence this meant I should leave the seam lines of the individual pieces of the mould on the final sculpture as seen here. Visiting museums also made me aware of how we exhibit and display ancient artefacts and fragments in order for them to appeal to contemporary sensibilities, so this is why these torsos are mounted on steel rods contained within a box frame.

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