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Star Gazer 1
Private Commission. 2001 -- 600h x 420w x 400d – T Material, coiled. Fired 1120 c

Star Gazer 2
T Material coiled. Fired 1120c. 650hx 500w x 400d

The initial maquette was carved in Durox (a cement block). It was loosely based on an African funerary stone sculpture (19th century made in Zaire). I saw it at the Royal Academy London, at the hugely impressive African Exhibition in 1996. I liked the compact form (always helpful when coiling), the contemplative mood of the figure, and the interplay of the strong interlocking limbs. Through drawing, and the experience of personalising the theme by carving and modelling in clay I wanted the posture to be more dramatic. I twisted the head so that the figure could be more narrative with the gaze directed upwards, hence the title Star Gazer.

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