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Press-moulded clay panel, glass, Acer leaves, wood frame.
510mm.h x 370mm.w x 400mm d.

The beautiful low relief panels on –The Door of Death, of St Peter’s Basilica in the Vatican done in 1964, by Giacomo Manzù - have always been a huge influence. Their virtuosity, and sheer dexterity of the modelling in clay is something I can only dream of, but I have always tried to achieve the same naturalism in the form, and detail. Manzù manages to move between 2 and 3 dimensions on the same piece effortlessly, and the expressive use of line and modelled surfaces are something to behold. Making moulds from the initial clay panel is my way of trying to exploit the relief qualities. It also helps to overcome the time it takes me to get the modelling right, as I find it quite a challenge manipulating the very shallow depth required in low relief work.

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