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Title1 Selected


560mm high, plus the plinth.
T Material, coiled, acrylic paint.

The image of the ‘Mother and Child’ in all forms of art has interested me, and I have collected and sketched an eclectic range of versions over the years. Frank Dobson’s sculpture ‘Man Child’ at Tate Britain, had some of the mood I wanted; holding and offering the child to the world, facing outwards. Also the icon like, so-called ‘Greek’ Madonna (c1460?) by Giovanni Bellini, conjured up that feeling as well. The interlocking arms and hands I thought had sculptural possibilities. The mother supporting, but also helping the child to stand on its own two feet, creating a separate entity almost, was another aspect I thought I could explore. The frontal Egyptian stone sculptures also informed me as to how to solve the problem of incorporating the base/chair to be an integral and minimal, part of the piece.

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