Title1 Selected


Coiled T Material, metal paint.
1030hx 490wx 440d.

At the Royal Academy African Exhibition in ’96 I did some drawings of a late 19th century “Shrine Figure with Child,” from Yoruba, Nigeria. I responded to the powerful upright kneeling posture, I especially liked the appearance of lightness concerning the mass of the figure, with the gap between the shin and foot. Also when viewing from the front you are not aware of the child other than the discreet small hands tucked under the mother’s armpits. I liked the fact that you had to travel all around the piece to totally understand the composition. In the catalogue the text explained… "The power of the woman is covert: women give birth, which is to say sacrifice, which is loss and gain. Without the power of ‘the mothers’, kings could not rule. In this example prominence is given to the woman. Her essential nature and physical beauty are conveyed through the child on her back"….
Making this sculpture and calling it ‘Homage' represented the fact that I had been born in Africa and my mother had recently died, so I wanted to celebrate these two autobiographical facts.

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