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After the ‘Temptation of Eve”, by Gislebertus 1130. In Autun, France.
Plaster relief, on an oak base and panel.
450mm h 670mm w x 150mm d.

Every time I have seen the photographs of this Romanesque sculpture it has always made a deep impression on me. In 2010 I was involved in a two-woman exhibition in Oxford, and our chosen theme was “Inhabit the Garden.” This seemed an opportune time to act on the influence of this beguiling sculpture: to explore the theme of Nature and Sin - the battle between good and evil.
The recumbent Eve, was obviously influenced by the fact that the stone was part of the now destroyed north portal of St-Lazare, Autun, and I liked this unusual horizontal depiction of Eve. The lyrical charm of the quiet gestures, and the insinuating serpent, were my main focus. This use of a narrative theme is a new direction for me, as most of my previous work is regarded as seemingly ‘objective’

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