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Title1 Selected


T Material, Coiled and waxed.
480h x 710w

A painting by Egon Schiele “The Embrace” in1917, was the primary influence. Two entwined bodies with interlocking arms was the theme I wanted to interpret in a new way and obviously to transpose it from a 2D image into a 3D form. The female was to dominate and I used flat vertical and horizontal planes and constricting the sculpture into a block; a device I have explored many times. I like the interplay of compressed sculpted forms and the unexpected flat planes and contours that make the spectator appreciate the subject matter differently. The use of sections, and fragmented and sheared off features, like the horsemen in the Elgin Marbles friezes and other Greek artefacts have always interested me, so these were the elements that pre-occupied me. Having three flat sides also enabled the piece to be shown in different positions.

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