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The Carving Studio and Sculpture Centre, West Rutland, Vermont, USA

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The Carving Studio and Sculpture Centre. West Rutland, Vermont, USA.

As part of my sabbatical from teaching in 2000, I enrolled on the one-week stone-carving course ran by the sculptor, Joe Wheelwright. ‘Carve a Stone Head’ was the theme and we went to the local river and chose an irregular boulder to work on. My particular stone was a piece of granite. We were based in an inactive quarry in a small town proud of its cultural and industrial heritage. I was the only foreign participant on this particular course but found the whole experience friendly and informative. Using pneumatic tools, and being influenced by the aquiline heads of Modigliani, I found craving this piece great fun. I gave it to friends who had encouraged me to come to America and who had introduced me to Joe. It now resides in Maine in the grounds of their beautiful home.

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