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Life Class – Drawings.
“The purpose of Art is to inform and delight”. I was reading Milton Glaser’s book ‘Art is Work’ and he used this quote from Horace, to illustrate his motivation for producing his graphic design work. This succinctly describes how I feel, and especially concerning my life class drawing. Drawing is a fundamental and direct artistic activity. I believe it makes me a better sculptor, and it is a valuable counterbalance to the slowness I experience when making my 3D work. Trying to produce a coherent and expressive drawing, especially in the 45 minutes of a class, is truly absorbing. The immediacy of one’s thoughts, ideas, and reactions as a consequence of the intense interaction with a life model, and trying to encapsulate all those impulses through the hand, with whatever media you have chosen to make marks with on a piece of paper, is an exciting challenge.

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